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Limestone is good for initial road bases

Diterbitkan Kamis, 20 Juni 2024

Limestone/Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), which we usually know as limestone or limestone, is found in limestone mountains. The more limestone mountains can absorb water when it rains, if the mountains continue to be taken up, it means there will be a reduction in water absorption.

Behind the limestone mountain, it turns out there are many uses, including for the base of the soil so that it hardens a little, and can be used as a base so that when making road access it becomes stronger, of course raw limestone, when it has been burned, can then be used as material for building mixture. Although sometimes limestone is also used as an ingredient for fertilizer and pest control.

The main use is as a mixture for making cement, bricks and other building materials. Apart from that, limestone can also be used as a mixture of substances for fertilizer and pest control. Limestone can also be a mixture of substances for mineral water producers to purify water.

This raw limestone is poured into the ground and then dosed with a doser to make it even, then slenderized so that the lumpy limestone can immediately break up and become a hardening material. When the car passes through the ground it is not muddy and in the end it is easy to pass. It’s just that you need to break up the blonos stone and then add bekhos to it so that the stone doesn’t slide, so you need to roll it with slender and add sand.